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Denali was born October 12, 2001 and had to wait five weeks before she could be introduced to Family Solutions.  From the time she was five weeks old until the present, she has come to work every day and worked a full day (if you consider playing with children in the back yard, sleeping, running after balls, and sleeping some more is ACTUALLY work).


By breed Denali is a Miniature Schnauzer, colored black and silver.  We considered her an integral staff member, and therefore she has a staff file which includes all of her required vaccinations, and the beginning, intermediate, and advanced training in which not only successfully completed, she excelled!!


Throughout Denali’s time at Family Solutions, she has played a key role in helping children with the difficult transitions into and out of foster care.  Denali is able to interact with all interested children AND adults.   


In many situations over the years, she has helped children feel comfortable and secure, when adults couldn’t.  On one occasion, we heard a staff member say, “I owe Denali my paycheck, if it weren’t for her, that child would have never opened up to me!”


To truly understand what kind of dog Denali is you would have to come to Family Solutions and ask to meet her for yourself.

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