M.A. Social Worker


What positive attributes do you bring to your job? 

I tend to throw myself wholeheartedly into whatever I do, and this can be an asset.  I also feel like I am constantly learning new things and ways to do my job better. I’d also like to think that my personality and attitude are positive things I bring to my job.


What are your feelings towards Family Solutions, as an employee? 

During the few years that I have worked here I have observed that not all agencies operate in the same way, and I feel proud as an employee about the positive reputation that Family Solutions maintains in the community, and the professional relationships we continue to build with our colleagues. 


What are your qualifications for being a Social Worker?

While I had very little professional experience as a social worker prior to working at Family Solutions, my educational background as a therapist has been helpful in terms of working with people, and providing support in times of crisis and emergency. Good listening skills and empathy are positive tools to have at your disposal.  


What prior experiences have helped you in your current job position?

I have worked with children in several settings, and have two of my own, so experience working with different ages of children has been helpful


Where did you receive your degree or qualifications?

 I have a Masters Degree in Psychology, with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy which I received in 2005 from CSU Chico.


What date were you hired at Family Solutions?

 November 17th, 2005


What is the most rewarding aspect of your profession? 

Being able to provide hope to children who feel like no one listens or cares about them.           


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