Assistant Administrator/ M.A., L.M.F.T.


What positive attributes do you bring to your job? 

I like talking with people and kids.  I like to hear their serious concerns and I like to play. Sometimes kids and adults need a little laugh when things get so serious in life.  I love seeing kids’ frowns turn to smiles.  Especially when their fear goes away and they know they will be OK.


What are your feelings towards Family Solutions, as an employee? 

Foster care is a tough field.  Most people are happy that foster care is around, but mainly don’t like talking about it.  I think they feel kind of helpless.  Adults  that are interested in foster should know the Family Solutions is a great place to learn about foster parenting and how it may or not fit for their family As part of Family Solutions I am able to help kids and families. 


What are your qualifications for being a Social Worker? 

I have a masters degree in Marriage, Family and Child therapy.


What prior experiences have helped you in your current job position? 

No matter where I go or what I do, I seem to always find my way to talking with kids.  It seems like every job I have had or even in my personal life as a coach, Sunday school teacher; whatever it is, I end up in a place where I get to spend time talking a listening in to children.


Where did you receive your degree or qualifications? 

I earned by Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from Chico State in 1990.  I earned my Masters of Arts in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy from Phillips Graduate institute in 1993.  Currently I am licensed by the state of California as a Marriage and Family Therapist.


What date were you hired at Family Solutions? 

July 1st, 1996


What is the most rewarding aspect of your profession? 

Just knowing that I, in some small way am working to honor James 1:27, having helped those that are defenseless, (our modern day orphans) is the main thing that makes it easy for me to sleep at night.

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