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Family Solutions works hard to train and maintain only the most excellent social workers to work side-by-side with our foster parents.  Our social workers are extremely invested in the parents and children they work with, yet maintain a professional demeanor at all times. Our foster parents state that they enjoy the interaction with their Family Solutions’ Social Worker.
The main duty of the Social workers is to support the children and families served by Family Solutions.  After speaking with many of our foster parents recently the most common theme regarding our social workers was that, “They are so helpful, they always get the answers I need, they make it easier for me to take care of the kids.”

Trishanne Lininger M.A. LMFT
Courtney Calkins M.A. LMFT
Daniel Lynch M.A. Social Worker
Daniel Lynch M.A. Social Worker
Stacy Claro Office Manager
Cortlan Lininger WebDesign
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Scrip Program

Family Solutions strives to provide its foster children and families the best service possible. With this in mind we've decided to start a Scrip Program.




Family Solutions has annual events that are carried out for the sole purpose of allowing our foster children and families to have fun. We have an array of events that are fun and exciting!











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