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Every Child Deserves A Safe and Loving Home


The mission of Family Solutions is to provide safe and loving homes, families and services that will enable foster children in our care to heal from family trauma and develop into strong, self-reliant, moral adults. We are devoted to nurturing children’s emotional, social, spiritual, academic and physical development. We also strive to support families in establishing healthy, productive, supportive family systems; in so doing, we prepare a supportive home environment in which children can grow.


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Events and Staff

Family Solutions is a Non-Profit Corporation that benefits from donations. If you feel compelled to donate to Family Solutions feel free to click the PayPal Button below.



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Scrip Program

Family Solutions strives to provide its foster children and families the best service possible. With this in mind we've decided to start a Scrip Program.




Family Solutions has annual events that are carried out for the sole purpose of allowing our foster children and families to have fun. We have an array of events that are fun and exciting!



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